About Reflexology

Humans consists of a physical & emotional body with a mind & spirit.

Foot reflexology takes into account all aspects of the clients’ being; not only body, but also emotion, mind & spirit. Reflexology has the ability to make everybody feel better by simply removing stress from the whole body & generating a sense of deep relaxation.

The whole body is mapped on the feet, the body parts are all interrelated, it is very important to care for your feet which affects the whole being.

Benefits of Reflexology Massage

  1. Physical Fitness & Longevity
  2. Prevent Neurasthenia & Insomnia
  3. Lowers Blood Pressure
  4. Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis
  5. Prevent Leg Numbness
  6. Prevent & Treat Diabetes
  7. Prevent Colds & Promotes Body Healing
  8. Beauty Slimming
  9. Prevent Brain Hemorrhage & Cerebral Thrombosis
  10. Removal of Fatigue & Stress

How Reflexology Works:

The important step to a full understanding of reflexology techniques is an appreciation of the pressure points and zones and how they relate to the body. The following reflexology diagram shows the map of points and zones.

The Right Sole
The right sole has reflex areas which correspond to the body’s right hand side.

The Left Sole
The left sole has reflex areas which correspond to the body’s left hand side.

The natural curve of the inside of each foot represents the spine. The big toe corresponds to the neck, the area from shoulder to waist is found on the ball of the foot.

The outer edge of the foot corresponds to the outer parts of the body — limbs, joints & ligaments.